An iTero digital practice is a growing practice.

iTero intraoral scanners give you the tools to not only get more out of your chairtime, but help attract new patients and retain them with an amazing experience.

iTero intraoral scanners, combined with the exocad suite of CAD/CAM applications, enhance every step of your end-to-end workflow with digital tools and technology to guide and assist you from pre-acceptance to patient retention, while simultaneously removing complexity, making your workflow run easily.

Attract more patients
With dedicated state-of-the-art technology, you can make your practice more attractive in the eyes of prospective patients and position it as a trusted source for treatment.

Patient conversation
With visualisation technology, you can help your patients fully understand their conditions and their treatment options, resulting in more patients saying “yes” to treatments.

Monitoring and retention
Stay connected to patients throughout treatment, monitoring their progress and helping to achieve the best possible results, ensuring your patients keep coming back.

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