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About XYZ Dental

XYZ Dental is unlike any other dental company. We guide you along the journey in achieving excellence in Digital Dentistry through proactive service & expert, ongoing support.

We aren’t your typical supply company. We use what we offer and we offer what we use.

Well what does that mean?

Our company gives you the choice. You can produce Dental Prosthetics yourself by investing in your own Workflow or allow Axios Medical & Dental, our Production arm, to do the job.

Many clients grow to a scale necessitating the need to have their own equipment and consumables for manufacturing which we supply, service and support after spending a period of time using Axios.

However, we can always support you without ever needing to possess any Digital equipment – the choice is entirely yours.

XYZ Dental, Digital Dentistry, CAD-CAM Dentistry
coDiagnostiX Software, XYZ Dental, Digital Dentistry, CAD-CAM Dentistry

Why is this great?

We have daily, practical knowledge and experienced application of all the elements used in CAD-CAM Dentistry as we use it not just offer it for sale.

Therefore, you can be rest assured that the team supporting you truly gets it and has been there.

Only the best at XYZ Dental. Full stop.

Our premium offerings from world leading materials & tools suppliers such as Whitepeaks, Polident, imes-icore CORiTEC and 3D Systems are used are also used in Axios.

Multi-platform solution NT-Trading offers you the choice of over 24 Implant brands.

If we don’t believe a product is good enough for us for our production centre, then it’s not good enough for our customers.

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