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iTero intraoral scanners

An iTero digital practice is a growing practice.

iTero intraoral scanners give you the tools to not only get more out of your chairtime, but help attract new patients and retain them with an amazing experience.

In addition to the exocad suite of CAD-CAM applications, iTero intraoral scanners enhance every step of your end-to-end workflow with digital tools and technology to guide and assist you from pre-acceptance to patient retention, while simultaneously removing complexity, making your workflow run easily.

Attract more patients
With dedicated state-of-the-art technology, you can make your practice more attractive in the eyes of prospective patients and position it as a trusted source for treatment.

Patient conversation
With visualisation technology, you can help your patients fully understand their conditions and their treatment options, resulting in more patients saying “yes” to treatments.

Monitoring and retention
Stay connected to patients throughout treatment, monitoring their progress and helping to achieve the best possible results, ensuring your patients keep coming back.

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iTero™ Lumina

Elevating Practice Efficiency with Faster, Accurate Scanning and Superior Visualization

iTero intraoral scanners have gone to another level.

  • Advancements in Technology: Utilizing iTero Multi-Direct Capture technology, the iTero Lumina scanner replaces the confocal imaging technology of previous models.

  • Wider Field of Capture: Featuring a multi-angled scanning system, the Lumina scanner can simultaneously capture from different angles. This allows for the capture of more dentition in one uninterrupted movement, subsequently enabling smoother, faster, and more accurate scans.

  • Increased Capture Distance: With a capture distance of up to 25mm, it is easier to scan complex oral regions such as narrow or deep palates, edentulous spaces, and partially erupted teeth.

  • Improved Data Capture Quality: The scanner quickly and accurately captures data, providing detailed and photorealistic 3D models while eliminating the need for bulky digital cameras and cheek retractors required for traditional intraoral photos.

  • Elevated User Comfort: The scanner’s intuitive design makes for a comfortable scanning experience by removing adoption and utilization barriers.

  • Better Patient Experience: Thanks to its significantly smaller and
    lighter wand, children and teen patients can experience a greater level of comfort during their scans.

iTero™ Element 5D Plus


20+ years of expertise to amplify your experience and capabilities.


The iTero Element Plus Series offers all of iTero’s digital capabilities in the power of one scan, with a plus.

Preventative, Restorative, Orthodontic and Orth-restorative all available in one scan.

Three-in-one scanner is the fastest and smoothest yet with ready integration for numerous workflows including CLAUSS Clinical CAD-CAM.

Scalable options where you choose your journey. Start with a Lite version and add NIRI

The power of plus is available in Cart and Mobile format.

iTero™ Foundation Scanner

Experience the first restorative-only iTero™ intraoral scanner option.


XYZ Dental exclusively offers the iTero™ intraoral scanner as a restorative-only platform with scalable options to take on Invisalign and NIRI (caries detection).


An iTero with no ongoing Service Plan fees in an open platform that allows room to move. Perhaps with CLAUSS Clinical CAD-CAM™ when you’re ready.


Available in two laptop compatible platforms.


iTero NIRI technology

Interproximal caries detection you can trust.


NIRI stands for Near Infrared Imaging. This state-of-the-art technology allows us to see inside the tooth and visualize the internal tooth structure.


We are able to see beyond the outer structure to be able to better diagnose and treatment plan for patients, seeing decay before we can even see it on an x-ray, as well as cracks in teeth.


With this technology we can really get a close-up view of the structure of the enamel and the dentin, plus with the iTero Element 5D, we have a new era of patient engagement.


Not only can you see beyond what the eye can see, but you can also clearly show any changes in the mouth to your patients.


By scanning often, you can monitor caries and catch issues early for better tooth health. Plus, there is no harmful radiation, which makes it safe to use on a regular basis for the best results.



Need to do more?


Do it with CLAUSS™.



The CLAUSS™ philosophy centers around the idea of scalability and openness.


Your validated, existing CAD-CAM elements can be integrated into a CLAUSS™ Clinical CAD-CAM system.


Already use an intraoral scanner, an iTero perhaps? CLAUSS™ turns it into a fully integrated end-to-end system implemented by our team.


The game has changed.


Imagine a chairside system that allows you to scale at your own pace, use the materials you want to use and still integrate seamlessly giving you fast, automated workflows.

CLAUSS™ systems are streamlined and integrated right through the process from scanning through to design, milling, 3D printing and finishing.



SCALABLE                    OPEN                    INTEGRATED


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