CORiTEC Milling Machine Systems

XYZ Dental uses, supports and distributes imes-core’s range of CORiTEC Milling systems.

All machines are made to order in Germany to the highest standards ensuring predictable results.

XYZ Dental only partners with world leading providers of Digital Dental solutions to supply premium products in addition to utilising the same products within Axios Medical & Dental, our own Milling & Printing Centre.

We believe that the greatest endorsement we can give to the products we offer you is the fact that we use those products ourselves.

150i Series

Whether wet or dry milling, block or blank, the 150i Series impresses in all areas.

No machine in the industry produces the variety of indications in such a small amount of space.

– Flexibility with wet & dry or just dedicated dry milling with Ionizer

– Integrated PC

– Mills blocks, blanks and prefabricated Implant abutments

– Mill it all – Zirconia, glass, composites, plastics and metal

250i PRO

This compact milling machine opens up a completely new machine segment offering automation and 5-axis simultaneous machining of circular blanks and blocks in the smallest space.

– 5-axis wet & dry autochanger milling unit

– Automatic calibration

– Fully automatic 16-fold tool magazine

– Integrated PC and touch-screen monitor
– Flexible options with block holders, Ionizer, 7 or 9 blank autochanger

– Mill it all – Zirconia, composites, glass, plastics and metal

350i Series

The CORiTEC 350i system is an innovative machine concept,
developed to meet any requirements of modern CAD/CAM processing.

– 5-axis wet & dry milling unit

– Fully automatic 20-fold tool magazine

– Zero-point clamping system (optional for 350i regular)

– Integrated PC and touch-screen monitor
– Flexible options with block holders, optional Ionizer, 12 blank autochanger

– Mill all indications, all materials – Zirconia, glass, composites, plastics and metal

650i Series

Equipped with the highest quality industrial milling machine technology, the 650i series is the benchmark in CAD-CAM Dentistry.

This powerful machine concept produces precise, vibration-free and dynamic motion sequences in demanding and complex metalworking.

– solid granite construction with digital absolute length measuring systems

– powerful, high frequency main spindle

– Loader version includes a fully integrated automatic 16-fold blank changer

– Mill every material and indication at high capacity

– Hybrid machining – precise remilling of SLM work

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