CORiTEC splint comfort

Wearing comfort redefined.


The key: Flexibility!

Not like conventional splint materials:

  • Thermo effect – CORiTEC splint comfort reversibly adapts to the individual tooth situation
  • Pressure-free wearing comfort – the material becomes far more flexible and comfortable at mouth temperature
  • Extreme resistance – highly durable, no yellowing and plaque even after prolonged use
  • Damping properties – particularly pleasant for bruxism patients
  • Highly biocompatible – no BPO (benzoyl peroxide) unlike similar products


One simply forgets one is wearing a splint – every single day!

  • Combines the impossible: flexible and strong
  • Becomes more flexible at mouth temperature to achieve exceptional wearing comfort!
  • Insanely comfortable: You’ll forget that you’re wearing a splint!
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