Whitepeaks CopraSintec K 98mm

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CopraSintec – soft milling Co/Cr

The CopraSintec range allows for soft-as-wax milling of Co/Cr. Wet or Dry. The isostatic high pressure manufacturing process allows bridges with up to 14 units and even implant bar restorations. Who says you need a big mill to mill metal?

The Evo K material contains no binder therefore saving sintering time therefore greatly reducing argon gas consumption.

  • Optimal homogeneity due to isostatic high pressure manufacturing process allows bar restorations, bridges with up to 14 units and delicate work in familiar technical execution
  • Non-precious metal alloy type 4, therefore no limitations compared to milled or cast Co/ Cr alloys
  • High yield due to big surface and small shrinkage – up to 40 units in a blank
  • Only 8,5% shrinkage due to unique, isostatic high pressure manufacturing process with optimal homogeneity – no distortion during sintering
  • Familiar blank height in 10mm/ 12mm/ 14mm/ 16mm/ 18mm and 20mm
  • Minimal wear of burs due to soft but milling resistant material structure – we call it soft metal
  • Optional wet or dry processing possible using a wax strategy
  • Available in two options. K, or Evo K. Soft or Middle-Soft

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