Whitepeaks CopraEasyMill NP Blank 98mm

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The CopraEasyMill NP Co/Cr is an isostatic, powder-metallurgical hard Co/Cr blank.

Specially developed to ensure a smoother and more predictable milling process. In short, it’s easier on the tools without hard islands as is common in cast Co/Cr blanks.

  • Optimal homogeneity due to isostatic high pressure manufacturing process
  • Minimal mill and bur wear due to extreme high homogeneity without casting islands
  • Nickel and beryllium free and especially configured for the requirements of the CAD-CAM technology
  • Unrestricted laser-ability
  • Higher milling speed due to better grind ability and lower Vickers hardness
  • Up to 50% shorter process time in your milling system

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