NT Trading Screwdrivers/Prosthetic Tools

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NT Trading Prosthetic Tool Set

Wooden box contains:

  • W 11.000.000 Torque ratchet continuously adjustable to max. 40 Ncm ISO-Shaft connection
  • W 11.100.000 Insert Holder for changeable inserts (without ISO-Shaft) ISO-Shaft connection
    and the inserts
  • W 11.MEX.G01 for MEX-Series (1,40 mm)
  • W 11.NEO.G02 for NEO-Series
  • W 11.SMU.G03 for SEV-, UPR- and UTG-Series (1,30 mm)
  • W 11.THO.G04 for THO-Series 4-socket
  • W 11.IRS.G10 for BEG-, BIO-, I-, MIC-, MIS-, R- and S-Series(1,26 mm)
  • W 11.THC.G20 for T-, H-, CAM-, COL-, HIO-Series and DIM-Analog screw nut (1,20 mm)
  • W 11.Y00.G30 for Ankylos® (1,00 mm)
  • W 11.LN0.G40 for BRE-, L- and N-Series, 2-CONnect® Coping screws Torx T6
  • W 11.EFK.G50 for E-, F- and K-Series
  • W 11.005.G60 for 2-CONnect®-Male Part (2,10 mm)
  • W 11.VAL.G70 for Validation Jig (1,50 mm)
  • W 11.VAL.G75 Validation Jig (1,50 mm) – ball head
  • Learn more about NT Implants in the below downloads section.


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