imes-icore CORiTEC iCAM V5 Smart

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CORiTEC iCAM V5 smart

smart High-end CAM solution with perfect flexibility!

iCAM V5 smart is the high-end CAM solution by imes-icore GmbH. It enables high-precision calculation of 5-axis simultaneous milling data for excellent finish quality and fitting accuracy. Especially for hard materials such as glass ceramics, CoCr and titanium, accurate high-resolution milling data is critical for best fit and long tool service life.

The extremely high milling data resolution results in the perfectly quiet and precise running of your milling machine, which also increases the tool service life.

Thanks to the predefined milling strategies developed by imes-icore for all materials and applications, iCAM V5 offers a valuable CAM solution that increases the productivity of the CAD/CAM system and exploits the full potential of your imes-icore machine.

iCAM V5 includes essential features, such as the fully automated placement of blanks, dynamic height optimization, partial or complete separation of retaining bars, automatic creation of sintering supports for zirconium dioxide & sinter metals, as well as complete flexibility in the integration of further milling tools, or custom milling strategies.

In the art of dental implants “ReFit“ system implant geometries, which were imported in an STL format from a CAD system, can be replaced by high-resolution and detailed vector connection geometries. This makes precision processing possible, and most of all ensures consistent reproducibility.

  • 5-axis simultaneous machining and/or 3 + 2 machining to reach undercuts
  • no annual license fees
  • unlimited term
  • fully automatic and easy operations with “Wizard Workflow“
  • ReFit“ – abutment exchange geometries
  • auto nesting function
  • placing retaining bridges across jobs
  • shaded modern multi-layer representation
  • documentations for blanks and jobs
  • full collision control
  • full high-end iCAM V5 performance with smart user interface
  • milling path calculations with visual residual materials display
  • 64-bit multi-core support
  • validated post-processors for all imes-icore® machines
  • processing of all common dental materials
  • constant expansion of prefab-abutment systems
  • individual fit parameter settings for cavities and differing interface geometries
  • available in four expansion levels (upgradeable)

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