CORiTEC Comfort Splint

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CORiTEC splint comfort is different from conventional splint materials. Thanks to its patented technology, CORiTEC splint comfort adapts to the individual situation in the mouth in a reversible way – every day anew. The material becomes much more flexible at mouth temperature, so that a pressure-free and unique wearing comfort is achieved. You forget that you are wearing a splint! CORiTEC splint comfort also has cushioning properties, which makes it ideal for patients with bruxism.

CORiTEC splint comfort is highly biocompatible. The flexibiliser used is the only one of its kind approved for medical devices. In contrast to other materials of this class, CORiTEC splint comfort contains no di-benzoyl peroxide, which might cause skin irritation.

Thanks to its high resistance to yellowing and plaque, CORiTEC splint comfort remains extremely aesthetic even after long use

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